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basically I accidentally listened to a song few years ago and it led to this

donghae’s mic technical difficulties

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Kyungsoo- Seoul Fashion Week =

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Super Junior M - Swing (full audio)

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just look at those doe eyes shine, like a little kid’s ;3

just look at those doe eyes shine, like a little kid’s ;3

140202 fanaccount: suju m fansigning event


warning: HAENGRISH, and too much spazzing


to put things straight and fast, I GOT LEE DONGHAE THE DONGHAE, THE LEE DONGHAE's SIGNATURE aksdjaskdsa.

okay let me begin things. they said it would start at 3 pm but it started like 4:30 OTL and there were so many japanese elf, idk why but maybe they have a special something.

we were at like in the last 50 of the elf who got the opportunity for fansign. AND IT WAS NOT A GOOD IDEA TO COME IN THERE LATE OMG because we aren’t aware that a member will only sign limited posters!!! we were so upset OTL I was really planning to get Kyuhyun’s fansign, like I’ve prepared everything for Kyu, but I end up with the Ryeowook sticker. It’s not that I don’t like Ryeowook, I just prefer Kyuhyun and I really had envisioned that I will get Kyu’s fansign OTL. the remaining stickers are only for Ryeowook and Zhoumi OTL and we had to choose, I firstly planned on getting Zhoumi but my friends got Ryeowook so i thought that i should go along with them. so we were kind of devastated OTL.

but then omg when our time comes, xena said she would try and cheat, that she will really line up on donghae even though her sticker is for ryeowook. so yaaaay omg i also like donghae so yaaay ahhahaha i went with her. (and kyuhyun was beside donghae so i can also see kyuhyun) they were really strict OTL good thing i wasn’;t caught

first thing happened is that, i gave the gift, which prince manager accepted aksdjalksdjkla and donghae was giving me a high five so yes i used my right hand for that hahaha. 


forgive me but on the blue letter above, i asked donghae “am i pretty?” hahaha i did that so he would look at me ^^

the choices are a) yes b) yeah c) very aaand he encircled A haha.

and i also let him read a letter. i didn’t give it to him because i think they won’t have enough time to read fan letters so i just let him read it on the spot. my letter says 

I like you despite of your imperfections, you are so handsome, happy new year. I love you!

i didn’t make it longer bc i don’t want to waste his precious time ahaha. so yeah after reading that, he nodded cutely and he smiled! and he looks tired tbh orz, his face is so small hahaha.

i asked him things, “how are you?” “do you feel good?” i was not in the moment where i could contemplate things to ask and to say because THE LEE DONGHAE WAS IN FRONT OF ME. I blurted things out aimlessly because I just wanted to talk to him longer. i also said “the weather’s good!” or “how is the weather” haha i don’t really remember. then he said “i’m really excited for later (for the concert tonight)” and he said “i’ll see you later!” in english hahaha ;AAA; haengrish

i stared at his face for the whole time looking for imperfections, but it seems that make-up concealed the pimple marks very well bc i couldn’t see a single bump haha

anyway, things were coming to and end, donghae gave me a handshake!!! and i held his hand with my TWO HANDS hahahah i’m sorry. OTL i’m spazzing so hard, forgive me. 

as for the other members, this was their seating arrangement: eh-rw-sm-dh-kh-hn-zm. the first member i saw was henry omgaksdjaslkdsa he’s so white. and hyukjae is so cute omfg 


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